Vision & Mission

Our main goal is to follow Quality Management System Provisions and continuous improvement of all work processes with the participation of the employees from all scope of business in order to achieve excellence.

In order to realize this mission:

We will

  • oversatisfy the expectations of our clients.
  • support the personal development of our employees.
  • make a contribution to Turkish economy by means of added value grows while we meet requirements of our Clients.
  • form a common front with our clients towards the same principle.
  • closely follow technologic developments in the construction sector.

We, as the Management shall mobilize all our resources towards these objectives


The Policy on Environment, Occupational Health and Security adopted by Öztaş Construction Inc. in the scope of sustainable development strategy:

  • To keep ecological balance, minimize the negative effects and to take necessary precautions in order to provide security of life, property and health of people and our employees that can be affected from our activities during the services we furnish,
  • Conduct all necessary activities such as training and announcement to enable conscious and sensitive approach to environmental matters, safety and health at work adopted by our employees as philosophy of life,
  • Decrease the wastes and the utilization of natural resources and carry out necessary actions in order to control air, soil and water constantly and keep them safe,
  • Follow the risks concerning safety and health at work that may arise out of our activities and try to minimize them,
  • Comply with the rules and regulations pertaining to environmental matters, safety and health at work and to act so as to enable a continuous improvement for environmental matters, safety and health at work,
  • Announce to the public the effects of our services related with environmental matters, safety and health at work.