Quality Policy

We, as Öztaş İnşaat, commit to carry out following principles by using developing and current technology and exceeding the consumer’s expectations during the providing commitment service in domestic and abroad.

  • To document, apply and improve quality management system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 standards
  • To direct requests of employer/customer, to comply with these requests at maximum level, to exceed the expectations of employer/customer
  • To establish communication channels with employer, supplier and subcontractor true, complete and accurate, to provide work compatible.
  • To finish and deliver project/work as required, on time and in accordance with national and international standards, legal necessity, work program and technical specification.
  • To raise productivity by keeping damage and errors at minimum level in all business process and to lower the cost
  • To give a handle to our employees for developing themselves and taking a new responsibility.
  • To train our employees always, to increase their sensibility about quality, to encourage participation for reaching the target audience.
  • To apply state-of-the-art technology and construction innovations in all activities and to follow closely all technological advances in building trade.