Environmental Policy

Öztaş İnşaat act with environmental policy and carry out sustainable strategies in order to prevent possible harm of project that is implemented to the environment. We, as Öztaş İnşaat, commit to carry out following principles;

  • To determine the effects of works/projects on environment and take all kinds of precautions to minimize negative effects,
  • To use the necessary energy and natural sources effectively, take all kinds of precautions to prevent wastage,
  • To keep down the occurring waste, take all kinds of precautions to prevent dirty weather, water and soil,
  • To prioritize to use eco-friendly energy sources,
  • To obey the laws and administrative regulations related to environment and environmental protection necessities related to our activities,
  • To do training and awareness raising works to our employees in order to develop environmental awareness,
  • To provide necessary education and training for our suppliers and subcontractors in order to achieve an environmental awareness.