April 2014 issue of the 'International Construction' magazine covers the Büyükçekmece Waste Water Tunnel Project where Öztaş İnşaat is the main contractor.

''The excavation work of the 6-km Büyükçekmece Waste Water Tunnel the construction of which Öztaş İnşaat has started in mid-2012 is completed by 50%. During the boring of Phase 1 of the two-phased tunnel a Lovat TBM was used whereby the boring work is resumed today, with a Herrenknecht TBM. the project is envisaged to be completed towards the end of 2016.''

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Kirka V. Pentahydrate Borax Factory Construction

Penta V Project contents a boiler and steam turbine that boiler ESP unit construction has been started.

The whole project is scheduled to be completed on 31.01.2015.


Kocaeli 33,000 Seats Capacity Stadium

Site hand over for construction of Kocaeli 33.000 seats capacity stadium has been done and the construction is started.

Please find the some press news about the project;


Renovation of Al Agalat Hospital at Libya has recommenced.

Renovation of Al Agalat Hospital Project in Libya, which has been interrupted due to Revolution of the country, has been re-started.

The remaining 5% of the project is scheduled to be completed within 2013.



Kartal - Kaynarca Metro Construction

Site hand over of Kartal Kaynarca Metro EPC of Construction and  Electromechanical Systems Project has been done in May 2013.

The Mobilasiton is already completed and excavation activities for tunnel shafts and stations has been commanced.